Who We Are

JoySeeds company was founded in 1998 by Lucas Cabezas, who used his expertise in the selection of superior strains of vegetables to build a successful business that was owned and managed by his family.

The company founder, was chiefly responsible for introducing some of the exceptional quality vegetable hybrids still found in the grower and home garden marketplaces today.

We deliver a high quality product, provide excellent customer service and continue to be innovative by using and implementing new technologies.

Our advantages

Quality seeds
Varied assortment
Own production

What We do?

Joyseeds produces the quality vegetable seeds and delivers them to various countries

Our dedicated staff loves the work we do and we’re committed to serving the agricultural industry. Our team includes experienced growers and seeds breeder, whose invaluable knowledge and expertise help us identify the best products and practices so we can better serve you.
Whether we work in the field or in our business office, every JoySeeds staff member shares a common goal – a commitment to your success.