The effect of hormones on the shape of the tomato fruit

Recently, we have received many questions about the fact that the shape of the fruits of some hybrids changes depending on the method of pollination. All our tomato hybrids are rounded by default, without deformation. Different hybrids react differently to mechanical pollination by hormones. List of our hybrids that can develop shape defects when using … Read more

Trial seeds

Joyseeds place a high priority on getting a first-hand look at varieties we offer to growers. We recently planted our 2018 trials with the following crops: onion;melon; cabbage; cucumber; and specialty tomatoes; and watermelon. Additional trials on our farm will look at sweet corn, pumpkins and chinese cabbage. The varieties grown are a select group … Read more

Pollinator Biodiversity: What’s all the buzz about?

If you’re moving pollen from one plant to another, you could be a pollinator. Fuzzy, pollen-laden bumblebees don’t have a monopoly on ensuring flowers bloom again and blossoms turn into fruit — these amazing animals come in all shapes and sizes. Pollinators can be butterflies, beetles, birds, bats or even humans — the only job requirement is that they … Read more